Sunday, April 28, 2013

END OF DAYS/zara skort

Here it is...the Zara skort.  It seems like everyone (or every blogger) in the world owns this skort.  And it seems like I cannot go one day without this little number showing up on my Instagram feed.  Does it bother me?  Obviously not, because I too purchased this little cutie...I guess its powers are too strong...even for me.  I think that it is pretty obvious where we go from here...this skort is taking over the world and it is entirely possible that human extinction is in the foreseeable future.  To my knowledge, this skort comes in white, blue and black; you do the math...we can't compete.   

Check out what Jerrmaner is doing here:  SEE/homme

zara printed top

the infamous zara skort

h&m flower necklace

aj morgan sunnies

chloe sevigny for opening ceremony pearl heels

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