Sunday, December 30, 2012

FEMME FATALE/burberry trench coat

As I've mentioned before, it's been cold here in Denver.  I know I cannot complain too much because it is much colder in other parts of the world.  And any excuse to whip out my fur hats is much appreciated.  

burberry trench coat

fur hat purchased in russia

margiela for h&m lucite wedge booties

Friday, December 28, 2012

VEILED COMPANION/diy jil sander veiled beanie finally got cold here in Denver.  It took awhile, but it actually did happen.  So what's the first thing I crave after the weather changes?  A perfectly glamorous yet functional winter hat.  

I started to feel sad that I didn't buy the veiled Jil Sander could I miss out on such a beauty?!  Foolish of course, but have no fear...I googled some DIY instructions and...voila!

I purchased the beanie from H&M for like $6.  And then, I purchased a yard of french veiling.  It's actually a pretty simple project, but I have to say that all DIY instructions will instruct you to cut a certain length.  I am here to tell you that you need to measure your head first.  I, for one, have a slightly bigger head, so the first piece we cut was too tight.  This french veil is about $6 a yard and therefore, you do not want to mess up too many it to your head, measure it, do what you have to do, but please, do not trust the measurements on the instructions (just in case). 

h&m beanie

trina turk coat


Sunday, December 23, 2012

1970s AFFAIR/vintage patchwork rabbit fur bomber jacket

I've always wanted a rabbit fur bomber and it took me about 10 years to find the perfect one.  Yep, I stuck with my bomber search and I have finally conquered.  I found this perfect 1970s jacket on a website called Tangerine Boutique.  I have to say that I normally like to visit vintage shops when doing my vintage clothing shopping, but for this site, I am willing to make an exception.  The site has the most beautiful pieces and I think that the prices are super reasonable.  Check it won't regret it!    

1970s patchwork rabbit fur bomber jacket

vintage sweater worn as dress

vintage belt

dkny tights

zara fringe booties

Friday, December 21, 2012

TWINKLE & SHINE/swarovski crystallized chic glamour bracelet

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  The holidays are always so crazy and this year is no exception.  

 Will be posting again very soon, but for now, I leave you with bracelet layering, In RETROspect and Swarovski Crystallized.   

in retrospect vintage clip-on earring bracelet

swarovski crystallized chic glamour bracelet

vintage bracelets

thrifted dress

Sunday, December 16, 2012

BOW TIES ARE FOR EVERYONE/h&m faux leather bow tie

Bow ties are everywhere these days...and in my mind, they are for everyone.  Don't let the guys have all the fun.  There's nothing like a bow tie to add an unexpected twist to your holiday ensemble.   

I decided that I needed a new bow tie a couple of weeks ago when I saw this faux leather one at H&M.  I am going to have so much fun with this little tie.  And...I am going to do my best to keep this little bow tie from Jerrmaner.  He is always borrowing my other bow tie...I don't need him all up in my stuff!  This bow tie is for me and for me alone.  

h&m faux leather bow tie

h&m jacket

trina turk cotton blouse

Thursday, December 13, 2012

'TIS THE SEASON/holiday sweatshirt

There's no better way to get into the holiday spirit, than to wear a festive holiday sweatshirt.  I've been itching to wear this sweatshirt for months now!  

My grandma made this sweatshirt years ago and lucky for me, I inherited it from my sister.  She gave it to me with the idea that I might wear it as pajamas.  But as soon as I saw the sparkle of the glitter fabric paint, I knew that this sweatshirt needed to see the light of day.  I believe that an "ugly" holiday sweater's potential fully relies on the styling...and in this particular scenario, I think that an over sized holiday sweater makes for a lovely ensemble when styled as a mini dress.

holiday sweatshirt

dkny tights

zara high cut wedge boot

vintage fur muff/purse

Sunday, December 9, 2012

BAMBI/margiela for h&m booties

With the apparent doomsday approaching, this photo seems appropriate.  Actually, doomsday had nothing to do with this photo (from my perspective)...I actually took my inspiration from a Helmut Newton photo.  Jerrmaner and I went to a Helmut Newton exhibit in Paris earlier this year and as I recap on the year's highlights, I find myself revisiting that event.  

And...yes, I purchased one more piece from the Margiela for H&M collection.  I can't help it!  This collection stands lonely in our Cherry Creek mall and I can't help but take such pieces under my wing.


margiela for h&m booties

dkny tights

random fawn purchased from antique shop in littleton, colorado  

Friday, December 7, 2012

GOING BACK TO CALI/los angeles, california

About a month ago, I took a little weekend trip to LA.  I had been to LA before, but it had been everything felt very new to me.  I had the absolute best time!  The shopping, the food, the art, the much excitement and beauty in one place!  I realized that I need to visit LA more in, at least once a year.

Here are a few shots of some of the highlights.  

P.S.  Be sure to check out SEE/homme for your new free music download.  This is a good one!  Don't miss it!

Photos in order of appearance:

the fat cow restaurant at the grove

lacma - urban light by chris burden

street art - venice beach

venice beach

lacma - video flag z by nam june paik

lacma - actual size by michael heizer

lacma - stanley kubrick exhibit

Sunday, December 2, 2012

FACELESS/margiela x h&m extended watch belt

I bought the last bit of my Margiela for H&M purchases last night.  It's hard to believe that such an amazing collection went on sale so quickly.  But I'm not complaining because I was able to get the duvet coat and this wonderful extended watch belt.  

Also wearing a slip that I purchased at a craft show yesterday.  I love it!  The woman that makes them buys vintage slips and tie-dyes them.  Ummm...I think I'm in love.  I purchased a cami and this skirt slip, but I hope I run into her again so that I can purchase many more pieces.  

h&m motorcycle jacket

vintage camisole

vintage tie-dyed slip purchased at craft show 

margiela for h&m extended watch belt worn as bracelet

zara high cut wedge boot

 vintage rhinestone necklaces

vintage crystal necklace

vintage fur clutch/muff

margiela for h&m synthetic hair necklace

Friday, November 30, 2012

FLY AWAY/shwings shoe wings

I purchased these wings at Kitson in LA.  Oh, how I wish they could just fly me away to a magic little world.  Unfortunately, they don't work like that...but they do add a bit a whimsy to my lace-up booties.  

shwings shoe wings

zara lace-up booties



Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PAPER OR PLASTIC?/maison martin margiela for h&m plastic shopping bag

When I purchased the most recent batch of my Maison Martin Margiela x H&M, the girl that checked me out informed me that she was giving me a very special bag.  She told me that if I follow the instructions at the bottom of the bag, my little plastic bag could become a tank top.  Say what?!!  What a brilliant idea!!  I started to think of all the possibilities available with any plastic bag that I get at the stores...could it be possible to design a whole wardrobe around this idea?!  Well...I wouldn't go that far, but adding a few plastic bag tops to my wardrobe isn't a bad idea.  

I opted to not cut the armholes out completely and wear this plastic bag as an off-the-shoulder top.  

maison martin margiela x h&m plastic bag worn as top

alexander wang cummerbund silk-crepe pants

vintage fur muff/purse  

vintage necklace (garage sale find)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

WITH A CHERRY ON TOP/t by alexander wang boxer sweatpants

I was so anxious to shoot this ice cream cone necklace.  I'm always drawn to ice cream cones.  I love them on clothing, as well as in decor.  Perhaps it's because my favorite book as a child had an ice cream cone bird in it of my ultimate fashion regrets was a Chanel bag with an ice cream cone print.  One good memory and one bad...this necklace is one attempt to heal the pain of the bad.  

metallic leather jacket from patricia field

t by alexander wang boxer sweatpants

william rast for target tee shirt

gucci sunnies

ice cream cone necklace

modern vice capri wedge sneakers

Friday, November 23, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'VE GOT A GOLDEN TICKET/maison martin margiela for h&m candy wrapper clutch

Well...maybe it's not golden, but I definitely felt super lucky to score one of these Maison Martin Margiela for H&M candy wrapper clutches.  I had my heart set on the silver!  

This clutch was the absolute must-have piece from the collection for me.  I sent my mom to get it while I was working...lucky for me, the collection hasn't been that popular in Denver.  I seem to keep going back for more every few fact, I am probably due for another visit.  Stay tuned for many more posts featuring this exceptional collection.  

maison martin margiela for h&m candy wrapper clutch

sweatshirt purchased at venice beach

7 for all mankind denim shorts

dkny tights

zara high-heel fringe ankle boot

fit over sunglasses taken from mom


Sunday, November 18, 2012

MODERATELY INVISIBLE/maison martin margiela for h&m brown leather boots with invisible heel

I'm sure everyone is as excited as me about the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collection.  Yes, the collection is absolutely flawless...and you almost wonder if they skimped at all on production costs.  It's perfect, right?  I thought so.  And so...I decided to purchase a few items.  

Here's a couple of my purchases from the collection...

In the spirit of Margiela, check out Digital Vacancy's use of the Margiela for H&M garment bag at SEE/homme.

maison martin margiela for h&m synthetic hair pendant necklace

maison martin margiela for h&m brown leather boots with invisible heel

vintage contempo casuals mini

surface to air top

marc by marc jacobs key necklace

voodoo doll key chain purchased in new orleans

vintage fur stole

gucci sunnies