Sunday, February 2, 2014

FROM TOKYO WITH LOVE/3.1 phillip lim ora over-the-knee boot

What I did before buying this sweater, I do not know.  I purchased it in Harajuku and now it has become my go-to sweater.  I find myself reaching for it far too often...and I'm sure that everyone who sees me on a regular basis is eagerly anticipating a costume change.  But as long as it keeps making me feel cozy, sporty and warm, I will not be giving it up anytime soon. 

Be sure to visit SEE/homme for a new set.  It's a goodie and it also includes my current theme song. 

burberry trench coat

shearling muff/clutch

fever jeans

dolce and gabbana sunglasses

3.1 phillip lim ora over-the-knee boot

jersey sweater purchased in tokyo

Sunday, January 19, 2014

GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT/3.1 phillip lim ora over-the-knee boot

Fell in love with these boots the second I saw them on the Phillip Lim F/W 2013 runway.  I stalked them for months once they hit the stores and lucky for me, I was able to snag them during the holiday sales.  May I always be so patient. 


3.1 phillip lim ora over-the-knee boot

juicy couture tee

thrifted jacket

express mini skirt

vintage necklaces

gucci sunglasses

Sunday, December 22, 2013

CONSERVATION OF NATURE/prada lug sole zip sandals

I apologize for the blogging hiatus.  After our trip to Japan, I just never snapped back into the swing of things.  But...I'm back now to show off these new beauties.

I was so excited for Thanksgiving...not because of the holiday, but because of all the sales that follow.  I had a Black Friday checklist and lucky for me, I was able to get everything on it.  Here's the first pair from my checklist...stay tuned for the others.  

P.S. I purchased these tights in Kyoto.  They are too cute!  They even say "Conservation of nature" on them, which was a cute little detail that I noticed after I purchased them.  I'm not usually one for white tights, as they usually make me feel like I'm 5 again, but these are specially adorned with rabbits, deer and sheep so I don't feel so bad.  

prada lug sole zip sandals

tutuanna tights

Friday, October 11, 2013

QUEEN BEE/sequin top

Physics shows that a bee can't fly.  But bees do fly. 

Keep that in mind.

thrifted sequin top

gucci sunnies


Sunday, October 6, 2013

CHASING AUTUMN/maison michel rabbit ears

We have been having typical autumn weather here in Denver.  It's been lovely, of course...but it has also been messing with my mood a bit.  I find that I am feeling a bit blue.  I didn't even want to take pictures today, but I thought that wearing my bunny ears could possibly improve my mood.  Well...I noticed that my Maison Michel ears are feeling a bit blue too (note the limp ear)....must just be the weather.  Everyone and everything must adjust to the new season.  

thrifted cashmere (yes, I  bought this baby for $2)

onepiece shorts

zara high cut wedge boots

maison michel knitted rabbit ears

gucci sunnies

Friday, October 4, 2013

BODY LANGUAGE/ysl nude patent mary janes

Stretching this sweater while posing reminded me of one thing...Robert Longo.  

sinister-collection bubble skirt

thrifted turtleneck

ysl nude patent mary janes