Sunday, September 30, 2012

HOODED VOID/demobaza hooded jersey cardigan sweater

I have to give Jerrmaner credit for this one.  He was the one that introduced me to the amazing Demobaza...and now I'm hooked.  The innovative pattern making and futuristic feel makes for a completely unique design aesthetic.  

The clothing reminds me of Katie Gallagher, who is another favorite designer of mine.  She also takes an innovative approach to pattern making, which ultimately results in something very special that you will never find anywhere else.

Check out some of their other items on LUISVIAROMA or on their own website

demobaza hooded jersey cardigan sweater

fever jeans usa denim

zara high-heel cowboy ankle boot

cast of vices thank you leather bag

vintage fur sash worn as bracelet

Friday, September 28, 2012

LIFE WITHOUT COLOR/h&m motorcycle jacket

A motorcycle jacket was something that I desperately needed this season.  I have a few versions in my closet, but I felt like I needed something fresh.  I found some cute ones on ASOS, which I still may order. But for now, I opted for this H&M one...just a little instant gratification until the others arrive.  

Also while shopping at H&M, I found a bunny head cuff for my little niece.  So cute that I couldn't help but buy one for myself too. 

h&m motorcycle jacket

t by alexander wang tee dress worn as top

t by alexander wang boxer shorts

modern vice capri wedge sneakers

h&m bunny head cuff

ray-ban aviators 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

LIKE BEATING A DEAD HORSE/nono muaks dead horse handbag

This horse is my latest obsession.  I saw him on the web and I just knew that he wanted to move to Colorado.  I, being a believer in making dreams come true, waved my magic wand, completed the transaction and had this horse on his way to his new home.  After a two week wait, the box appeared.  The dead horse and I were united at last!  Love at first sight never tasted so good.  

kirna zabete for target long-sleeve high-low hem shirt dress

alexander wang fabiana metallic leather sandals

ray-ban aviator sunglasses

Monday, September 24, 2012

PARTY GIRL/nono muaks cross kick eyes glasses

We all know that I love a great party you can imagine my excitement when I discovered Nono Muaks Kick Eyes glasses!  Kick Eyes glasses are part sunglasses, part party mask.  No lenses, no social shield, no secrets...these glasses expose you and all your eyes have to say.  

A way cool accessory for upcoming holiday parties. 

marc by marc jacobs rabbit foot necklace

vintage contempo casuals cardigan

h&m tulle dress

gucci silver satin bow heels

thrifted hot pants

Friday, September 21, 2012

CAPES & DENIM/mm6 maison martin margiela x opening ceremony denim stirrups

More layering going on with this look...and this time with the help of denim stirrups to keep my legs warm on a cool fall evening. 

young fabulous and broke cotton cape

vintage gold top

vintage contempo casuals mini

mm6 maison margiela x opening ceremony denim stirrups

dolce vita hamilton buckled bootie

vintage hoop earrings

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SMELLS LIKE.../grunge-inspired layers

So inspired by the 3.1 Phillip Lim S/S 2013 collection.  I just couldn't wait to start my 
grunge-inspired layering after seeing the runway shots...and I certainly couldn't wait until next spring.   
I am a strong believer in instant gratification, so I opted to execute my interpretation immediately.  

thrifted blazer

zara top

t by alexander wang boxer sweatpants

chanel velvet mules with studs

william rast for target plaid shirt

ray-ban aviators

Sunday, September 16, 2012

SEQUIN THERAPY/d&g denim mini skirt

Today was a horrifying day.  In the midst of my Sunday cleaning, I found a dead black widow outside my back door.  I was totally panicked!  Even though it was dead, I was horrified by the fact that it was here at my house.

I tried to act normal for the rest of the day, but it was hard.  I am so afraid of spiders and I felt emotionally scarred from my encounter.  I decided the only way to cheer myself up was to wear some sequins.  Now what girl doesn't get a little giddy when wearing sequins???  There's just nothing like it; feeling a bit of glitz and glamour with just a little help from some synthetic, reflective discs.  I put on a vintage sequin top I bought years ago and I felt better immediately.  

The moral of the story?  Never underestimate the power of sequins in fashion...even if you do just wear them for a day of running errands.   

vintage sequin top

d&g denim mini skirt

h&m jacket

aj morgan sunnies

chloe sevigny for opening ceremony pearl heels

cast of vices thank you leather bag

Friday, September 14, 2012

PETER PAN/metal collar necklace

I became obsessed with these collar necklaces while in Paris.  I saw so many of them on the streets, but yet I couldn't find one to purchase.  Lucky for me, I was able to find one at H&M last week and now (as expected), it is my new favorite accessory. 

Sure, I could have just ordered the Louis Vuitton metal collar, but I figured I should get my fix with a less expensive least to start.  Taking baby steps is a sign of maturity. :)   

 cast of vices thank you leather bag

j brand jeans

ysl eel skin heels

theory tuxedo jacket

t by alexander wang tank dress

h&m metal collar necklace

gucci sunnies

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ONE WAY/alexander wang isabeli haircalf pointed mules

I am truly taking advantage of print mixing with this outfit...but, why not?  I say that you should never be afraid of combining your favorite prints.  Even if it is tie-dye mixed with more tie-dye...mixed with leopard?  Yep!  Why not?

Over thinking anything is never a good thing.  

f21 tank

h&m jacket

custo barcelona shorts

gucci sunnies

vintage necklace

alexander wang rocco duffel  

alexander wang isabeli haircalf pointed mules

Friday, September 7, 2012

TRANSPARENCY/alexander wang simona fox high heel

Today was an amazing day.  Not only did I win The Outnet #ShoeFriday contest for August (make sure to enter for September), but I've also been feeding on the constant NYFW updates.  Have you been keeping up?  It's getting super juicy!  Oh man...I am in love with the Peter Som, Rag & Bone, Katie Gallagher and Creatures of the Wind's collections (so far)....aren't you so excited for Spring 2013?  Don't you just want to fast forward through the next 6 months and cut to the chase?  I do.  I was eagerly anticipating the colder weather, but now I'm thirsting for springtime.  

In reference to the photos... I'm so inspired by Helmut Newton's photography.  I just can't get enough of his work.    

alexander wang simona fox high heel

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

POP/andy warhol limited edition campbell's soup cans

A few shots from my kitchen.  I was quick to pick up my Andy Warhol soup cans from Target.  They are an absolute must-have...and at 75 cents a can, they are completely guilt-free.  

Monday, September 3, 2012

NINE LIVES/chanel spring 2005 jeweled sandals they are.  My resurrected shoes that took many gluing sessions to bring back to life.  

I purchased these beauties in 2005 and only wore them a few times because I was worried for their safety.  Unfortunately, the last time I wore them, the jeweled piece on one of the t-straps fell off and I couldn't find it anywhere.  I was sick.  But what's a girl to do?  Just sit back and mourn the loss?  Or do something about it and find new hardware to replace the old?  I opted for option B.  And while it took many years to complete and I am without the original t-strap hardware, I cannot tell you how happy I am now that these shoes live once again. 

chanel spring 2005 jeweled sandals

Sunday, September 2, 2012

STAR/zara high-heel cowboy ankle boot

Remember Star from Lost Boys?  I do.  I remember wanting to be just like her someday.  This post is not inspired by Star, but actually inspired by something more memorable than 80's horror... 

Ok, so the layering of necklaces (bracelets too) is nothing new.  Yes...we've seen it all over the place and for many years now, but my necklace layering has taken a sentimental turn.  My mom recently revealed a jewelry drawer to me; a jewelry drawer that belongs to me without me knowing or even remembering that it existed.  In this jewelry drawer was a star sapphire (insert floating hearts here).  I remember when I was little, my grandma used to wear this star sapphire ring and I thought it was magic.  It was magic because when she held it in the sun, a normally blue stone would suddenly show a magical star in the middle. *GASP*  I couldn't get enough of this phenomenon!  And I asked her to do it again and again. it's mine and I can hold it in the sun as many times and as long as I want.  

P.S.  Slowly adding fall accessories to my ensembles.  It is always good to gradually sink into a new season.  Check out my new Zara boots using the link below.  

libertine for target dress with lace trim

helen kaminski fedora

aj morgan sunnies

by boe reminder bow necklace

page sargisson casino chip necklace

silver ring from my aunt

star sapphire ring previously owned by my grandma