Friday, June 29, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SMALL GIRL IN A BIG WORLD/t by alexander wang boxer shorts


Well I am back from Montreal and I can surely say that I missed my little blog.  I will be posting pics from the trip soon.  Remember how I like to take a week or so to digest a trip?  And Montreal is no exception....I saw so many amazing things and I look forward to sharing them soon.  

These pics were taken before I left.  Jerrmaner and I stumbled upon this amazing graffiti on Broadway in Denver.  Isn't it magnificent?!  Oh how I love great street art!  Wow, Denver...could it be true?  You are actually becoming a cool city?!


t by alexander wang boxer shorts

english laundry english rose revolution top

marc jacobs plastic metallic cowboy boot

marc by marc jacobs logo canvas tote bag

marc by marc jacobs rabbit foot necklace 

aj morgan sunglasses

...and an appearance from the pigtails that I have been craving lately.

Monday, June 18, 2012

SO GOOD/digital vacancy dj set

6ixth [SEALED] by QualifiD MTRL

So...I'm off to Montreal in few hours.  It will be at least a week before you hear from me again, but I leave you with my latest obsession...a mix by Digital Vacancy.  Enjoy. 


Sunday, June 17, 2012

PRADA VS WILD/prada vernice sfumata pump


Jerrmaner and I discovered this lovely area close to our homes.  This is about as close to being in nature as I can be.  Seems crazy, I know, but something about me hanging out in the mountains seems very in, I actually look awkward in the mountains.  This particular location is the perfect combination of city and nature; and therefore, my Prada pumps and I felt completely at home.

P.S. It's not everyday I attempt to scale rocks in heels, but these lovely shoes are like my sneakers.  They are super cozy and make walking in the summer heat a snap. 


prada vernice sfumata pump 

thrifted hot pants

dkny ruffled tube top

the webster at target deco print robe worn as jacket

gucci sunglasses

Monday, June 11, 2012

CHRISTINE/alexander wang bianca runway fishskin sandal

It has been so hot in Denver lately that I don't even consider wearing few items as possible, please!  On this particular evening, I opted for a Zara dress that I purchased in Switzerland.  It is quite possible that this "dress" is a tunic that I am wearing as a dress....wouldn't be the first time this has happened...I mean, what can I say?  I'm short, so this type of devious behavior is something that I can easily pull off.  

zara dress (possibly a tunic worn as a dress)

reiss handbag

alexander wang bianca runway fishskin sandal

Sunday, June 10, 2012

ROUTE 66/prada car-inspired shoe

Voila! They are here...the shoe of the year!  Feeling so lucky that I was able to score a pair of these beauties on sale.  I was practically salivating when I saw them on the runway, but seeing them in person actually took my breath away.  Oh, Miuccia truly can do no wrong. 

prada car wedge sandal

Friday, June 8, 2012

GLITTERED BEAUTIES/marc jacobs glitter platform sandals

Wearing my Marc Jacobs glittered beauties.  I haven't ever successfully worn these shoes out...I could, of course, but it would require lots of ibuprofen or at least the help of a strong dude like Jerrmaner, who would have to carry me for most of the night (both very doable options).  

Also wearing an Ashley O'Rourke skirt that I purchased way back when I was a young sprout.  Yes, I could wear it as a skirt too...but turning long skirts into dresses has become one of my favorite pastimes.  

ashley o'rourke skirt worn as dress

marc jacobs glitter platforms

ray-ban wayfarer sunglasses

belt purchased in portland

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BLACK NECTAR/foley + corinna draped floral print silk satin dress

Jerrmaner and I attended a wedding this past weekend at Red Rocks.  It just happened to be the same night that Bassnectar was playing there...holla! (Stupid I know, but just seemed oh so fact, I don't even know what that means.)

Anyways...I know that there's a lot rules when it comes to wedding attire, but again I believe that you shouldn't think about it too much.  As long as you don't try to wear white, you're good.  White is something for the bride least give her that...I mean it is her special day and all.  As far as wearing black to a wedding, I see absolutely nothing wrong with it and I can say that I wear black to 95% of the weddings that I attend.
 In fact, the odds of me wearing black to my own are pretty good.

All in all, it was a fun night....Bassnectar, some of the best wedding cake that I have ever tasted and yes...a dramatic Foley + Corinna dress to top it all off. 

foley + corinna draped floral-print silk-satin dress

yves saint laurent cage bootie

feather bag purchased in venice

Sunday, June 3, 2012

MULLETS & MILKYWAY/alexander wang bianca runway fishskin sandal

Ohhh, the mullet cut clothing I love thee.  Something about having extra material blowing behind me just makes me giddy!  I found this particular top at a local boutique called Common Era.   

The pants you have seen before and the shoes...well...the shoes are something entirely special.  I was worried that I wouldn't even get these...I mean they sold out everywhere in a matter of days (like I said before, it's been a very competitive shoe season).  Luckily, I was able to place a pre-order for a pair from Neiman Marcus. life was a lot less expensive prior to the success of Alexander Wang.  Seems like every season, I want at least several pairs of his runway shoes.  Can you blame me?!  The dude does no wrong and has made looking "effortlessly chic" oh-so-easy.  

P.S.  Kinda having a Mr. T moment with all the arm glitz.  Nothing wrong with going overboard with jewelry...don't fear it, embrace it.

milkyway top

t by alexander wang boxer sweatpants

purse purchased in argentina

grenade and gun charms were a gift from my mom

initial necklace purchased in spain

maya brenner after midnight necklace for stella and dot

vintage bracelets

h&m sunnies

alexander wang bianca runway fishskin sandals