Sunday, February 19, 2012

OTHER PEOPLE'S WINDOWS/tibi honeycomb jacquard mini skirt

We decided to mix it up a bit for this shoot. We took some random shots in Jerrmaner's bathroom and thought they turned out pretty cool. Please note that I was sitting on the lid of the toilet so you don't need to feel uncomfortable about that shot.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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tibi honeycomb jacquard mini skirt

forever 21 tank

proenza schouler for target jacket

christian siriano for payless anna cutout wedge bootie

by boe reminder bow necklace

page sargisson casino chip necklace

Friday, February 17, 2012

TREASURES/gucci belt bag

This is a very special post because I am wearing a blouse that belonged to my aunt and she wore it on her wedding day with a white suit. My grandma made this blouse (among many other great things). The finishing on all the pieces that she ever made was immaculate. My grandma was such a great fashion icon...always glammed out to the fullest. She is a fashion icon that I will always remember and I am lucky to have many pieces of hers today.

The brooch is a recent find. We recently visited an antique store in town called Old Glory. I found this brooch made out of pieces of vintage, love, love this piece! The back of this brooch is made out of an old hoop earring, but some of the others had backs made out of vintage buttons...absolutely ingenious!

This Gucci belt bag I bought long ago, but I can never let it go. We have had many good times together...nothing like a Gucci belt bag to escort you for a night on the town ( we've had many). When I was in Italy, I saw tons of these bags on the street, but not everyone was wearing them as a belt...they were wearing them more as crossbody bag. Definitely something I need to try.

The hair was inspired by Rodarte S/S 2011. Sorry it's not perfect (it's a loose interpretation), but I'm not really good with hair...especially mine. I had the feel in mind though...hope you can see a glimmer of it too.


vintage winter cape

vintage blouse

brooch made from vintage jewelry

vintage bracelets

paper denim and cloth jeans

gucci belt bag

yves saint laurent shoes

Friday, February 10, 2012

CROWNED/supertrash olammy faux shearling-trimmed jacket

Here I am again working the crown. I'm not gonna give up on these crowns...they are exquisite and they just make me feel like a girl. These crowns can backfire though. Go too matchy matchy with this piece and risk looking like a toddler on Easter. were warned here first.

And note my trusty necklace trio...the bullet, the wishbone and the medallion. Sounds like a movie title, huh?

Jerrmaner made me dance for this shoot. I was taking really lousy photos on this particular day, so he thought it might be a good idea to try dancing to relax. So he put on some serious jams (a little 'Gin and Juice' anyone?) and this was the result. Kind of awkward, kind of cool...and maybe something you never ever want to see again.

I'm starting to see the beauty in wearing sunglasses for photos. Wear sunglasses for a photo and you have a 95% chance of taking a good photo. Don't wear sunglasses for a photo and you have about a 50% chance of taking a good photo...unless you are unbelievably photogenic or perhaps, just look like Angelina Jolie.

The jacket is a true star. Looking effortlessly chic is made easy with a jacket like this. if it couldn't get any better...the jacket is totally warm. Perfect for a Colorado girl like me who has to brave the cold quite often.


saint grace

rachel pally leggings

supertrash olammy faux shearling-trimmed jacket

halston heritage self-tie ruched leather boots

bullet necklace (gift from my sister)

marc by marc jacobs wishbone necklace

vintage medallion necklace

crown made by my mom

Thursday, February 9, 2012

MOON STALKER/isabel toledo for payless lunar moon boot

A more casual look for a trip to the mall on Super Bowl Sunday. We wanted to go to the mall because we thought it would quiet since the game was on. Not the was a fiasco! And so, I have decided that we can only go to the mall on Saturday nights. Don't you people watch football?!

Anyways...let's discuss the ensemble. I know you have seen these pants before (they are some of my favorites), but everything else is making its first appearance here on Dollhouse Vacancy. Can we give a round of applause for the moon boots? Yes!! Little moon booties for your viewing you didn't see that coming! I love these shoes. They are again, from Payless (I'm blushing a bit while saying that). This time they are Isabel Toledo. I've always wanted a moon boot...not really, so scratch that. I should say that I've never wanted a moon boot until I saw that they came in the form of a bootie and well...until I saw these. They are adorable and yet, a bit ridiculous. I thought they would add the perfect bit of funkiness to this casual ensemble.

The vest is another favorite. This vest adds instant chic to just about anything. Rather than "just add water," think "just add vest" for instant sophisticated cool. And it does...every single time.


sinister collection fur vest

t by alexander wang tee shirt dress (worn as a shirt)

t by alexander wang boxer sweatpants

isabel toledo for payless lunar moon boot

vintage ann taylor purse

nordstrom floppy hat

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SWEET NOTHINGS/alexander wang simona fox sandal

Wearing a DKNY tulle skirt as a dress. Layers of luscious tulle to satisfy my appetite...ooh la la! Some people dream of fame and fortune; I dream of tulle...and in a perfect world, I would wear tulle or any variation of a tutu daily.

Awww, the shoes...little Wang beauties that whisper sweet nothings in my ear. These shoes are so amazing on so many different levels. The fox fur, yes! The capes, yes! And the capes are removable...yes!!! Are you kidding me?! These shoes are genius. Wang is one of my favorite designers because of spectacular little creations such as these! I'm still kinda kicking myself for not getting the metallic pink Fabiana for a non-fur option. Another fashion regret.


alexander wang simona fox sandal

dkny skirt worn as dress

nameless belt purchased in portland

Saturday, February 4, 2012

CRIMSON PAST/wwii nurse cape

Super excited to have found this cape. I remember wanting one of these after seeing the movie Atonement. Not my most favorite movie ever, but it definitely had some great style moments. Yes, the green dress and yes, a cameo from a cape similar to this one looking lovely in the snow. If you can't remember these scenes, google them immediately.

As you can imagine, it was like a dream come true when I found this cape at a new vintage shop in town called Gutterpup.

The shoes were another small sensation. I didn't seem to notice them on the shelves at Nordstrom, so I have to say 'thanks' to my amazing shoe guy (and bud), Mr. Walkingstick, who pointed these shoes out to me. Once I tried them on, I was sold. They are absolutely exquisite....the heel, the color, the absolute never-ending beauty of Yves Saint Laurent.


vintage camisole

wwii nurse cape

forever 21 pants

yves saint laurent heels

gucci sunglasses

l.a.m.b. clutch

faberge egg charm from russia

drop letter necklace (gift from my aunt)

Friday, February 3, 2012

SNOW/sinister collection jacket

Snowed in today. Lots of indulgent behavior going on here...consumed by online sales and eating way too much.

Wearing my favorite Sinister Collection jacket. Wear it buttoned up for drama or unbuttoned for a more casual look. Love a jacket that not only offers warmth, but versatility as well. Plus, the lumberjack plaid seems to be the perfect choice to accompany my cabin fever.

Stay warm.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

RABBIT HOLE/reiss coat

Obviously the bunny ears are the main focus of this post. But please don't ignore the ever fabulous Reiss coat that I purchased in New York.

I adore this coat. The silhouette is perfection. I have dreams of silhouettes such as these. You know? The kind that you can picture glamorous movie stars wearing back in the 1950s. I just picture someone like Audrey Hepburn wearing this coat. So classic and understated.

Ok, so let's talk ears. The bunny ear hat was a Christmas gift from Jerrmaner. Doesn't he have great taste?! It takes a very special dude to pick out something like this. I am always open to trying new headgear of any kind and so tackling a little bit of ear doesn't frighten me one bit.

Lately, I've seen men wearing wigs as a winter hat. One dude was wearing an afro and the other was wearing a Goldilocks hairstyle. Is this just in Denver or is this trend catching on? I do enjoy seeing people take risks with their look, so whether it be a wig or rabbit ears, I support it all the way.


reiss navy coat

asos faux fur bunny ear hat

yves saint laurent nude patent mary janes