Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FANCY FLUFF/truly madly deeply tee


j brand jeans

truly madly deeply tee

lulu guinness clutch

betsey johnson maribou fur cropped jacket

camilla skovgaard shoes

vintage necklace (amazing gift from my mom)

fox fur stole purchased in russia

Friday, January 27, 2012

THE REAL DEAL/christian siriano for payless

These are some of my Christian Siriano for Payless shoes. It's hard to believe that these shoes were under $100, huh? Every time I wear these shoes, people swear they are McQueen.

Being taken seriously seems to be the major obstacle for Siriano. Sure he got his big start on Project Runway, but look at all he has done since! I've seen his rack at Saks and it is obvious that this dude is good! So let's be real, people...Siriano has proven himself to be a major player in the world of fashion. Of course he still has growing to do, but that's something that will come with time. I think that based on what Mr. Siriano has done so far; it is safe to assume that he has the staying power necessary to survive in the industry.

I just ordered the Spring Siriano shoes. Can't wait!! Trust me, I too was leery about buying shoes from Payless. But when they show up on my doorstep looking like a serious runway beauty, the choice is obvious...they must be added to my collection.


forever 21 top

sinister collection skirt

christian siriano for payless shoes

nameless belt purchased in portland

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ONE BIT/hilfiger bennington high duck boot

First of all, let's talk muff. I think that a muff is one of the great forgotten accessories...along with tiaras and sweater clips. I love a fur muff, but it is rare to see people using them. This muff is especially alluring, as it takes on double duty and seconds as a handbag. Swoon!! Love items that make fashion practical...doesn't happen often, but when it does, I'm just tickled!

I can't stick much in this bag, but I can usually fit just enough to get me through a night out.

The top two bracelets on my left arm are INRETROspect again. Told you! Once you have one, you will want many.

The second bracelet down on right arm is one of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Latin bracelets, purchased at the wonderful Bookmarc in New York.

All other bracelets are vintage.

The boots take me back to my youth. My mom used to make me wear duck boots when I was little and if they would have looked like these, I don't think I would have minded one bit. These are the Hilfiger Bennington High Duck Boot and from the moment I saw them sashay down the runway, I knew that they had to be mine. Such a refreshing twist on classic footwear...absolutely brilliant, Mr. Hilfiger!


t by alexander wang dress

rodarte for target cardigan

hilfiger bennington high duck boot

vintage muff handbag

vintage snake belt worn as necklace

shotgun shell necklace purchased at local craft show

rings made by my mom

inretrospect bracelets

marc by marc jacobs latin bracelet

all other bracelets are vintage

Sunday, January 22, 2012

LA LA LAND/vanessa bruno boots

Well, I would like to apologize in advance for my mind is not really with the blog tonight as I write this post. I find myself dreaming of something non-fashion related for a change. After watching the movie, One Good Year, I find that my fantasies consist of vineyards, chateaus and Provence. Yes, I am dreaming that I too inherit a chateau and vineyard in the heart of Provence. I know that no one is reading this blog to listen to my many dreams and fantasies...you want to talk fashion and normally, so do I. But today I find myself so immersed in this fantasy that I have even convinced myself that my teacup poodle would like to return to his roots and live in the land of his ancestors. Since I cannot remove France from my mind, I will relate France to this post...

I am wearing my new boots by Vanessa Bruno. She is a Parisian clothing designer and as of lately, her designs are making me swoon. The clothing of Vanessa Bruno makes it easy to accomplish that effortlessly chic look for which we all long. These boots were a Christmas gift from my parents. I asked for them because I needed a great go-to boot that would never fail me. I already had a staple boot that I purchased in Italy a few years back, but their days are numbered and well, they've seen better days. I didn't want to replace the boots because they still hold a very special place in my heart. I just wanted another staple boot that could act as sort of an understudy for my Italian die-hards. These Vanessa Brunos seemed to be the perfect choice. They, like my Italian boots, have the ability to add instant chic to just about any ensemble. Pair them with jeans, a dress or yes...latex leggings and a military bomber and you have something special.


vintage top

military bomber jacket

kova & t latex leggings

vintage fox fur stole

vintage bracelets

marc by marc jacobs wishbone necklace

vintage medallion necklace

bullet necklace purchased on streets of new york (a cool gift from my sister)

vanessa bruno boots

Thursday, January 19, 2012

PAJAMA JAMMY JAM/sleepwear as street wear

Well the time has come for me to tackle the sleepwear as street wear trend. I knew that in order to conquer such a trend and not end up looking like a flustered morning mishap; I would have to be well-heeled and fully accessorized. I called upon footwear royalty to assist and wore the spectacular Dior Blue Angel sandals. I absolutely adore these shoes. They are like little slices of heaven adorning my feet.

While my love for these shoes is strong, I find that I seldom wear them. I think that I just worry for their safety. It would be quite traumatic if something ever happened to these glorious beauties.

I also opted for loads of arm and finger glitz. There is really no styling dilemma that little bit of glitz can't quickly amend...I won't say that it will solve all your fashion woes, but it can drastically improve the conditions.

The bracelets are primarily vintage and the rings were made by my mom out of old earrings. Note the first bracelet from the top on my right arm. This bracelet was made by INRETROspect, which is a local company that makes bracelets out of vintage clip-on earrings. I will tell you in advance that it is easy for a girl to become addicted to these bracelets...once one bracelet is purchased, many more will be desired.

The little alligator dude is a purchase from So Good...I am a sucker for jeweled critters of any kind.

P.S. Notice the messy hair à la Balenciaga. It wasn't planned but since the Spring ad campaigns are out, I might as well take advantage of the look.

cabernet pajamas

dior blue angel sandals

salvatore ferragamo handbag

inretrospect bracelet

so good alligator cuff

all other bracelets are vintage

rings made by my mom

Sunday, January 15, 2012

LET THEM EAT CAKE/miu miu glitter booties

Ok, another post, another ensemble...and this ensemble is what happens when I have absolutely no restrictions. I end of up looking like a dessert pastry on a Spring day...yep! I love this look. The skirt is a dream come true with the light pink color and loads of volume. Yes! That's right, volume! The kind that makes a girl like me jump for joy! I purchased this at American Apparel. It is reversible, so you can opt for a little less volume by wearing the other side. I do, however, recommend the double ruffle side that I have chosen...double the ruffle, double the fun. I personally feel like a batch of freshly whipped cream puff filling in this petticoat...and that, my friends, is not a bad feeling.

Ok let's discuss the shoes...I know you've seen them before on my blog, but aren't they glorious enough to post multiple times?! I mean...look at them! Miu Miu shoes have a tendency to give me goosebumps and shoot chills up my spine...these are no exception. I dreamt of these for a long time before I made the purchase. I kind of enjoy the stalking of runway shoes as much as I enjoy the actual purchase. Weird?

I, unlike Jerrmaner, crave glitter. Jerrmaner has the opposite opinion. At one point he told me, "glitter violates me." It's amazing we get along at all.

The jacket is one I picked up from H&M and of course, the Fashion Night Out 2010 tank. The bag was a purchase from a Trash Bagz trunk show. They are a local company that takes homeless bags and makes them desirable again. I like this one because it still retains its vintage feel.

That pretty much concludes this outfit. I hope you look forward to many more to come.

american apparel petticoat

fashion night out 2010 tank

h&m jacket

trash bagz clutch

miu miu glitter booties

Sunday, January 8, 2012

SCOUT/street style

Oh how I love the Denver Art Museum. We had the best time when we went on New Year's Day.

Clockwise from the top left: Belle by Sigerson Morrison Eskimo Clog Booties; a close-up of me; "Being Home" by Rupprecht Matthies; "Fox Games" by Sandy Skoglund; inside the Denver Art Museum.

I went pretty casual for the outing. I wore my favorite T by Alexander Wang pants and my new booties that I had just purchased on Christmas Day. I had been stalking these booties for awhile. I first saw them in the Vogue September issue and then I saw them at Barneys CO-OP in New York. I'm not sure why I was hesitant to purchase...it was like I just knew that they would someday be mine so there was no need to rush into anything.

The Thursday Friday tote was a New York purchase from Treasure & Bond. I love it! I love how it almost pokes fun of the fashion community. Like we are so obsessed with designer handbags, that yep, we'll even just take it as a graphic print on a canvas tote.

Please excuse the hair band. This band keeps me safe and it must never be removed. Feel free to label me as a "freak" now.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

sinister collection jacket

hanes tank

zara coat

t by alexander wang pants

belle by sigerson morrison eskimo clog booties

thursday friday bag and keychain

random hair band

Sunday, January 1, 2012

DOWNTOWN/street style

When it was decided that we were going out to dinner with friends on a freezing winter's night, there was no other option but to wear my beloved fur leg warmers. The best part of these leg warmers is that they have pockets...yes, that's right...pockets! If you wanted to wear these out and go sans a bag, you totally could. Just tuck away your ID, credit card and phone in a secret compartment that is fully camouflaged by luscious fur.

On this particular evening, I did not use the pockets. I pretty much carry everything I own in my handbag, so there really isn't a pocket big enough for me.

I also wore my Gentle Fawn candle printed top that I purchased from Modcloth. The back of this top is an unexpected treat...I will post it again later and you can take a peek.


gentle fawn top

zara leggings

zara coat

stuart weitzman fever pumps

gucci bag

vintage chain necklaces

vintage bracelets

sinister collection fur leg warmers

arden b fingerless gloves

ring made by my mom


This dress was a gift from my dad's aunt...isn't it glorious?! The detailing on this dress is immaculate and while nobody believed in this dress at first sight, I instantly saw potential! The colors are amazing and I knew that this dress could live again...especially if paired with some YSL showstoppers.

YSL Imperiale pumps have the ability to breathe life back into even the oldest of dresses. While this dress needed little assistance, I found that the addition of the suede platform pumps perfectly completed the look. Wouldn't you agree? Even Jerrmaner warmed up to this beaded frock once he saw the finished ensemble.

vintage dress

ysl imperiale pumps

nameless belt purchased in portland