Friday, February 22, 2013

SECRET HUNGER/spring 2013 runway shoes


Ok, I think I'm finally done.  I have finally chosen my Spring 2013 shoes.  Now the stress begins.  Sure I have taken all the necessary steps; I have called my shoe guy, tracked down their availability and even put my name on a waiting list, but I know that it is still possible to fail, even with such preparation.  Shoe buying is so competitive!  Even sharing my shoe choices with you seems like a risk, but I know that in order for us all to really become friends, we need to build some trust and share some secrets.  So...without further ado, here are my shoe picks for S/S 2013.

fendi spring 2013

3.1 phillip lim spring 2013

alexander wang spring 2013

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

ALL EARS/ear cuffs

Nimue Ear Cuff - Small 

I can safely say that I do not buy a lot of earrings.  I actually can't even remember the last time I spent money on earrings.  In fact, most of my earring collection is made up of vintage earrings that I found in my mom's basement.  But Spring 2013 has me singing a different tune.  I fell in love with some of the ear wear that I saw on the runways for the upcoming season... and when I say ear wear, I mean ear cuffs.  I have ordered several ear pieces these past few weeks...and although they have not yet arrived, I wanted to create a post to get you warmed up for their debut.  Here are some of my favorite ears from Spring 2013.


jason wu spring 2013, collaboration with brvtvs (photo via

rodarte spring 2013 (photo via

katie gallagher spring 2013 nimue ear cuff, collaboration with megan isaacs (photo via

Sunday, February 17, 2013

SPLATTERED/miu miu glitter booties

Jerrmaner and I were remembering this picture I thought that it was definitely worth sharing. 

j crew tulle skirt

miu miu glitter booties

Friday, February 15, 2013

TITLE UNKNOWN/alexander wang agnete heels

When will I ever give up the mini?  This is something that probably many are wondering and sometimes I even wonder myself.  But I can safely say that it will be no time in the near future.

Wearing a mini skirt that I bought so many years ago...yep, I was digging in the archives for this post.  Even the sweater is pretty old, but I have to say that it is still one of my favorites that I own.  It has a side leather zip that still makes my heart melt to this day.

Notice the new muff.  How on earth could I pass on this cutie?!  It has a little face on it!  This muff has taken my muff expectations to a whole new level!  I mean...shouldn't all muffs have little faces?!  I found this cutie at the antique mall.  It is actually for a child, but I have fairly small hands so there was really no excuse not to buy it. 


arden b mini (super old purchase)

vintage fur muff

h&m motorcycle jacket

lafayette 148 sweater

alexander wang agnete heels

Thursday, February 14, 2013

SCARLET/vintage red cape coat

Falling in love with the Jil Sander A/W red coat made me remember that I have something similar in my own closet.  My mom's friend gave me this piece a few years back and I don't wear it nearly as often as I should.  My mom's friend got this coat from a family friend and believe me when I tell you that it is in perfect condition...I think that maybe only a couple of buttons were loose when I go it.  Pieces such as these make it easier to beat the winter blues...something about the red color and dramatic cut have me completely smitten.  Each time I wear this beauty, I feel a constant stream of warmth in my heart.

Happy Valentine's Day.  

vintage red cape coat

ysl heels

gucci sunnies

Sunday, February 10, 2013

MINNESOTA TREASURES/raccoon tail hat

I have been more inspired by softer/feminine things lately.  I find myself reminiscing about Andy Walsh in Pretty in Pink, Thedy Sue Hill in The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and the recent New York fashion show by Candela.  I've also been dreaming of hair bows, vintage camisoles and everything pink.  This is not an unusual thing for me, but I wonder what has sparked my softer side's re-emergence.  Where is it all coming from?  My recent trips around town?  It does seem that every store I visit these days has been doused in the pink and red hues of Valentine's Day...maybe a craving for romantic style clothing was triggered?  Or could it be spring fever?  Perhaps I am just lusting over a season where anything and everything feminine just seems to feel right and all things pastel take over the world.  

Nevertheless, I found it necessary to pull out some of my favorite vintage camisoles.  I am wearing a vintage cami with a necklace that my mom made out of old jewelry.  I love this necklace!  It just cracks me up because I know that someone purchased this "Minnesota" charm (which was an earring) on a special vacation.  You can just tell that someone fell victim to one of the tourist shops next to some major attraction...and all of a sudden, it became absolutely necessary to own some "Minnesota" heart earrings.  I love dreaming up the different scenarios that could have taken place, which is why I had to make this necklace my own.  

vintage camisole

raccoon tail hat

necklace made by my mom out of old jewelry

Saturday, February 9, 2013

MID-AFTERNOON FEVER/stuart weitzman fever pump

I've been buying Stuart Weitzman pumps for years now.  The love affair all started years ago with the "Lady" style.  I bought several colors of the "Lady" because they went with everything and they were surprisingly comfortable.  But the love affair didn't stop there...soon thereafter, I found myself lusting over the "Fever" pump (pictured above).  The "Fever" pump and I have been together for many years now.  But these pumps are starting to look a little rough and the time has come for me to invest in a new pair of black pumps.  I've searched all over the internet to find the next best thing. But after hours of online searching, I have realized that I cannot bring myself to break up with Stuart.  Therefore, new "Fever" pumps will be arriving on my doorstep any day now.  

j brand denim

Friday, February 8, 2013

AT WAR WITH THE GREEN RING/costume jewelry

Purchased a handful of these cheap rings in Dallas.  I just couldn't pass them up!  The colorful sparkle has taken my finger overload to a whole new level.  They add a touch of glamour to any casual ensemble (as in jeans and tee-shirt casual), plus layering them up only makes them look better!  The only danger with cheap rings such as these...they could leave you with the harsh reality of a green "reminder" ring around your finger if you are not careful. 

Note:  Please remove rings prior to hand washing.  


vintage fur coat

aj morgan sunnies

random cheap rings purchased from lula b's

special appearance by coppola sofia rose  


Sunday, February 3, 2013


Wearing my new favorite jacket from Dallas (which was actually found at a thrift store).  I'm so in love with this sequined beauty. 

Also wearing a Fruit of the Loom tee.  I bought a pack of these men's tees recently and find that they go with absolutely everything!  Plus, they are super cozy.  

The poodle necklace is something very special because he came from my sister.  Every birthday and Christmas, I receive a gift from my sister which she refers to as a "bag of cool shit."  The bags are filled with amazing vintage treasures; things that my sister has found on her vintage shopping adventures.  I have received amazing jewelry, lucite seahorses, a mountable deer head and so on.  This poodle was a gift for this past Christmas.  He is the perfect gift for me because I am an absolute sucker for anything that has to do with poodles.  

vintage poodle necklace

bullet necklace

fruit of the loom v-neck men's tee

j brand denim

thrifted sequined jacket

sunglasses from dolly python in dallas

trash bagz clutch