Friday, April 27, 2012


A couple more photos from Switzerland.  

Photo #1- This is a picture that I saw hanging at the United Nations in Geneva.  I don't know why, but I found myself identifying with this photo.  I can just imagine my Christmas card looking like this in my latter years.

Photo #2- I had no idea that the United Nations had such amazing art!  My favorite was this amazing painting by Spanish artist, Miquel Barcelo, which was painted on the ceiling of one of the conference rooms.  Isn't it mesmerizing?!  I started to dream of a home where this is the foyer ceiling.  Could happen, right?  Remember the Vogels?

Photo #3- Yes, I promised a swan photo and so here it is.  Isn't he lovely?  I told you that everything in Switzerland is beautiful...and this bird just proves my point.  

Photo #4- No words necessary.  Louis Vuitton always has some of the best windows of all.