Friday, August 17, 2012

BLOSSOM/prada black snakeskin bow platform sandals


Jerrmaner and I decided to check out the Denver Botanic Gardens.  I, of course, wanted to wear something floral and decided upon this amazing Boutique U&I duster that I purchased in Montreal.  

It started to rain as soon as we arrived at the gardens.  Kind of made for a cool vibe while shooting pics.  I actually love the rain and despise umbrellas...I figure that I am completely waterproof, but I don't have the same nonchalant attitude towards the umbrella.  Have you ever noticed how careless people are with umbrellas?  One of my ultimate fears is to be stabbed in the eye with the little tips of the umbrella during a rainstorm...umbrellas turn into weapons when absent-minded people are added to the equation. 

boutique u&i floral duster

t by alexander wang dress

cast of vices "thank you" bag

prada black snakeskin bow platform sandals

vintage earrings

vintage rings

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