Friday, December 28, 2012

VEILED COMPANION/diy jil sander veiled beanie finally got cold here in Denver.  It took awhile, but it actually did happen.  So what's the first thing I crave after the weather changes?  A perfectly glamorous yet functional winter hat.  

I started to feel sad that I didn't buy the veiled Jil Sander could I miss out on such a beauty?!  Foolish of course, but have no fear...I googled some DIY instructions and...voila!

I purchased the beanie from H&M for like $6.  And then, I purchased a yard of french veiling.  It's actually a pretty simple project, but I have to say that all DIY instructions will instruct you to cut a certain length.  I am here to tell you that you need to measure your head first.  I, for one, have a slightly bigger head, so the first piece we cut was too tight.  This french veil is about $6 a yard and therefore, you do not want to mess up too many it to your head, measure it, do what you have to do, but please, do not trust the measurements on the instructions (just in case). 

h&m beanie

trina turk coat


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