Friday, May 10, 2013

SPIT ME OUT/asos double chain ear cuff

Wearing a cuff that Jerrmaner bought me for my birthday.  I have to admit...when I first took this piece out of the bag, I was like "WTF?!"  And not in a good way.  He assured me that I could return the rejected cuff, but after time, I kind of opened up to the idea of having one ear chained to the other.  Yes...that's ear cuff attaches to the other with several chains running under your chin.  I's quite the contraption, but definitely something Jerrmaner would pick out.

Check him out here:  SEE/homme

asos double chain ear cuff

h&m pants

remix line tee

margiela x h&m flat jacket

delorean sunglasses by replay vintage   

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