Friday, May 31, 2013

PLACEBO/sugarpills explosion sweatshirt

Here I am wearing my new Sugarpills sweatshirt.  Seems like I waited forever for this sweatshirt, but I think that's mainly because I just really wanted it.  It's just so good!  So happy I own one and I can't wait to own more of these. 

Also whipped out my Alexander Wang Fabiana heels.  It's pretty much a miracle that I own these.  I can't tell you how long I bothered Jerrmaner about these with, "Should I buy these?"  He kept saying "no."  And then when I realized that they were gone, my heart sank.  I kept the image of them in my mind and hoped that they would appear again one day.  As you can see...they did appear again...on The Outnet.  Such an amazing site for situations such as these, but it's pretty much a great site in general. 

Love my Fabiana heels and love my Sugarpills.  Cheers!!!

sugarpills explosion sweatshirt

alexander wang fabiana metallic leather sandal

alexander wang jade stingray and suede clutch

zara skort

gucci sunnies

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