Sunday, March 18, 2012

AROUND THE HOUSE/vintage samsonite luggage

Just a few shots from around my house. I think that my house is mostly adored by my 3-year-old niece, but I too very much enjoy the decor. I think that your home should inspire you, which is exactly what my house does for me. I usually cut out old advertisements/editorial shoots to frame. And of course I like to purchase lots of critters to decorate...isn't the little pig adorable?

I love the pom pom art. My sister made this piece for me for my birthday. So excited! I had been longing for some pom pom art after seeing a piece that she made for her dining room.

Is anyone else a fan of Runny Bunny? Love these crazy creations by Robin Van Valkenburgh. I have a few, but plan to buy many, many more.

I'll post more from my house later...that is if you are not too freaked out. I know some of it is a little strange, but everything here is very near and dear to my heart.

vintage samsonite luggage

urban outfitters canvas art

'if' piece made by me and digital vacancy with letters purchased from urban outfitters

pom pom art made by my sister

vintage felt rabbits

cool old light fixtures in my home

japanese erasers and toys

runny bunny

cast iron poodle bookends

doll head used as topper of postcard holder

framed ads and editorial shoots

antique pig head

glass jellyfish on ikea light

antique cast iron dog on my couch

martini lamp on my bar

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