Thursday, March 1, 2012


(headband purchased at vintage shop in Denver)

(headband purchased in Argentina)

(headband purchased at Anthropologie)
*not a real mugshot

(headband purchased in Portland)

(headband purchased in Portland)
*not a real mugshot

(headband purchased on streets of New York)

I have a serious thing for headwear of any kind. Yep, I quiver at the thought of a pillbox hat with a veil or a giant brim hat adorned with flowers (A little Kentucky Derby anyone?). And while I have many great vintage hats, I find that just a dramatic headband can quench my craving for exciting headpieces. I've wanted to do a post like this for awhile, but we had to figure out a cool way to showcase such fantastic items.

Jay was a little shocked when he saw all the many headbands that I actually own. For some reason he decided that I purchased all of these headbands at one time and instantly labeled me as a "hoarder". Whatever! My collection of headgear was built over years and years...and no, I don't go and buy headbands in bulk. The headpiece has to speak to me before I will even consider taking it home. We all know that a headband can go terribly wrong...this is one mishap that I would very much like to avoid.

I think that Jerrmaner is just sad because he only had 3 hats to shoot. Yep...more is more and bigger is better!!! So eat your heart out, Digital Vacancy!

By the way, this shoot reminds me of a Balenciaga video we saw at Bergdorf's one time in New York. Aww, Digital Vacancy, you drive me crazy, but geeze, we've had some cool times together.

P.S. This is just a taste of the collection. Look forward to many more headpieces in your viewing future.


armani exchange sweater (borrowed from digital vacancy)

maya brenner after midnight necklace for stella & dot

maya brenner on the mark necklace for stella & dot

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