Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SMALL GIRL IN A BIG WORLD/t by alexander wang boxer shorts


Well I am back from Montreal and I can surely say that I missed my little blog.  I will be posting pics from the trip soon.  Remember how I like to take a week or so to digest a trip?  And Montreal is no exception....I saw so many amazing things and I look forward to sharing them soon.  

These pics were taken before I left.  Jerrmaner and I stumbled upon this amazing graffiti on Broadway in Denver.  Isn't it magnificent?!  Oh how I love great street art!  Wow, Denver...could it be true?  You are actually becoming a cool city?!


t by alexander wang boxer shorts

english laundry english rose revolution top

marc jacobs plastic metallic cowboy boot

marc by marc jacobs logo canvas tote bag

marc by marc jacobs rabbit foot necklace 

aj morgan sunglasses

...and an appearance from the pigtails that I have been craving lately.

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