Sunday, June 17, 2012

PRADA VS WILD/prada vernice sfumata pump


Jerrmaner and I discovered this lovely area close to our homes.  This is about as close to being in nature as I can be.  Seems crazy, I know, but something about me hanging out in the mountains seems very in, I actually look awkward in the mountains.  This particular location is the perfect combination of city and nature; and therefore, my Prada pumps and I felt completely at home.

P.S. It's not everyday I attempt to scale rocks in heels, but these lovely shoes are like my sneakers.  They are super cozy and make walking in the summer heat a snap. 


prada vernice sfumata pump 

thrifted hot pants

dkny ruffled tube top

the webster at target deco print robe worn as jacket

gucci sunglasses

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