Sunday, June 3, 2012

MULLETS & MILKYWAY/alexander wang bianca runway fishskin sandal

Ohhh, the mullet cut clothing I love thee.  Something about having extra material blowing behind me just makes me giddy!  I found this particular top at a local boutique called Common Era.   

The pants you have seen before and the shoes...well...the shoes are something entirely special.  I was worried that I wouldn't even get these...I mean they sold out everywhere in a matter of days (like I said before, it's been a very competitive shoe season).  Luckily, I was able to place a pre-order for a pair from Neiman Marcus. life was a lot less expensive prior to the success of Alexander Wang.  Seems like every season, I want at least several pairs of his runway shoes.  Can you blame me?!  The dude does no wrong and has made looking "effortlessly chic" oh-so-easy.  

P.S.  Kinda having a Mr. T moment with all the arm glitz.  Nothing wrong with going overboard with jewelry...don't fear it, embrace it.

milkyway top

t by alexander wang boxer sweatpants

purse purchased in argentina

grenade and gun charms were a gift from my mom

initial necklace purchased in spain

maya brenner after midnight necklace for stella and dot

vintage bracelets

h&m sunnies

alexander wang bianca runway fishskin sandals