Monday, July 9, 2012

MAPPED PERSPECTIVE/jackie bassett collage art

Feast your hungry eyes on these!

I discovered Jackie Bassett while in Montreal and purchased 4 greeting cards to frame for my viewing pleasure.  Aren't they amazing?!  If you already knew of Bassett, well then, you already fully understand her talent.  If this is new to you, then you should click here and check out her shop on Etsy.  I think that I will be purchasing many  more of these in the future, but for now I am settling for these few beauties.

I just love how the maps almost look like the woman's insides in the first two pictures.  The first picture is the one that initially got my attention.  I find the picture to be completely haunting; something about the coloring, the woman's facial expression and the placement of the map has me absolutely mesmerized and wanting more.  

Hope these feed your soul as much as they fed mine. is the link:

jackie bassett

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