Sunday, July 8, 2012

SPACE ACID/jnby graphic tee

When I purchased this JNBY tee in Montreal, I asked the girl at the boutique if it was a dress and she reluctantly replied, "Ummm, I guess it could be."  So here I go again...turning tee shirts into mini that wrong???  I think my mom is hoping that I grow out of this phase, but honestly, I see no end in sight.  

I love this little "dress".  I feel like I could shoot off into space at any moment...and with "NASA" printed on the tee, it is quite possible that I could.  

I purchased the dress at a boutique in Montreal called Very Studio.  Everything in that shop was an absolute treat!  I was impressed with the selection because everything in there demonstrated such different and unexpected pattern making, which is one my favorite things to see while searching for new clothes.   I opted for the little mini, as you can see...but I will definitely be purchasing many more JNBY pieces in the future.  I feel that their clothing not only takes pattern making to a new level, but the graphic prints take my mind to another dimension. 

I paired it with some of my favorite Jimmy Choo shoes.  I have this particular style in two colors; a hot pink and this acid color (and sometimes I wear one of each color).  Part of the reason I purchased the acid color is because I am extremely afraid of acid and, therefore, that makes the idea of acid color more interesting to me (yes, I know...totally weird).


jnby graphic tee

jimmy choo acid heels

d&g sunnies

swarovski crystal cuff in red

odm watch

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