Monday, July 23, 2012


I have been desperately craving a visor and thanks to Jerrmaner, one appeared on my doorstep last week. 

Think McQueen, Marc by Marc or Givenchy, but any way you slice it, the visor is one of the hottest accessories of the moment and has been seen on many of the runways.  I very much enjoyed the McQueen approach of dressing it up, so that is exactly what I did by pairing mine with an organza bubble mini.  

ebay visor 

poleci sheer tank

theory racerback cotton tank

sinister collection organza bubble mini


  1. yes! i love the visor from alexander mcqueen too!! very nice!!!

  2. I love your visor! Could you possibly share a link with me as to where you bought it on ebay? I am a design student in Australia and we are looking to buy 10 of these to put on the catwalk for our end of year show. Thanks !

    1. Hi Lucy,

      We are looking into this for you. We are having a hard time tracking more of these down. Can you send me an email at That way I will have your email address and I can let you know my findings. :)

      Thanks for checking out the blog.