Sunday, September 16, 2012

SEQUIN THERAPY/d&g denim mini skirt

Today was a horrifying day.  In the midst of my Sunday cleaning, I found a dead black widow outside my back door.  I was totally panicked!  Even though it was dead, I was horrified by the fact that it was here at my house.

I tried to act normal for the rest of the day, but it was hard.  I am so afraid of spiders and I felt emotionally scarred from my encounter.  I decided the only way to cheer myself up was to wear some sequins.  Now what girl doesn't get a little giddy when wearing sequins???  There's just nothing like it; feeling a bit of glitz and glamour with just a little help from some synthetic, reflective discs.  I put on a vintage sequin top I bought years ago and I felt better immediately.  

The moral of the story?  Never underestimate the power of sequins in fashion...even if you do just wear them for a day of running errands.   

vintage sequin top

d&g denim mini skirt

h&m jacket

aj morgan sunnies

chloe sevigny for opening ceremony pearl heels

cast of vices thank you leather bag

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