Sunday, September 2, 2012

STAR/zara high-heel cowboy ankle boot

Remember Star from Lost Boys?  I do.  I remember wanting to be just like her someday.  This post is not inspired by Star, but actually inspired by something more memorable than 80's horror... 

Ok, so the layering of necklaces (bracelets too) is nothing new.  Yes...we've seen it all over the place and for many years now, but my necklace layering has taken a sentimental turn.  My mom recently revealed a jewelry drawer to me; a jewelry drawer that belongs to me without me knowing or even remembering that it existed.  In this jewelry drawer was a star sapphire (insert floating hearts here).  I remember when I was little, my grandma used to wear this star sapphire ring and I thought it was magic.  It was magic because when she held it in the sun, a normally blue stone would suddenly show a magical star in the middle. *GASP*  I couldn't get enough of this phenomenon!  And I asked her to do it again and again. it's mine and I can hold it in the sun as many times and as long as I want.  

P.S.  Slowly adding fall accessories to my ensembles.  It is always good to gradually sink into a new season.  Check out my new Zara boots using the link below.  

libertine for target dress with lace trim

helen kaminski fedora

aj morgan sunnies

by boe reminder bow necklace

page sargisson casino chip necklace

silver ring from my aunt

star sapphire ring previously owned by my grandma


  1. ahhh those boots look like they're isabel marants!! i love the outfit!

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