Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I WANT IT ALL/shopping around reykjavik

Jerrmaner and I did one day of shopping in Reykjavik and we went by ourselves.  Our traveling companions would not have had the patience nor the endurance to keep up with us on one of our shopping excursions. 

I can't say that I purchased a lot in Iceland.  I found myself out priced at almost every shop we visited.  Of course, I don't mind spending the money on something if I really love it, but I found myself thinking "I can get that online" as I walked through the different shops.  Sad but true, but the entire world is at our fingertips with the Internet; which then results in less vacation shopping for me.  I think the best thing to do when you go on a vacation is to allow yourself to be inspired by what you see around town and work from that...which is exactly what I did.  

The first night in Reykjavik, I saw the most adorable couple on the street.  The girl was wearing a pair of magenta velvet leggings, heels and I think a fur jacket...I cannot be entirely sure about the top portion of this ensemble because I was so fixated on the leggings.  The guy was wearing jeans, a tuxedo shirt, tuxedo jacket and a bow tie...something I saw men wearing quite a bit while in Iceland.  Nevertheless, after seeing this couple, the idea of buying a pair of velvet leggings became my mission.

I found one pair at an amazing boutique called Kassetta.  Actually, this was probably my favorite shop we visited while in Reykjavik.  Everything in there was one-of-a-kind, as the owner only buys one of each color to ensure the item's originality.  I purchased a green pair of velvet leggings, an amazing ice cream necklace and skeleton bone leggings.  Jerrmaner insisted that I not buy the green velvet leggings because he feared that I would resemble the Keebler elf.  I went out on a limb, purchased the green and I will be posting them soon. 

Another shop we found was called Suzie Q.  There, I found another pair of velvet leggings but this time in black.  Be on the lookout for lots of velvet in upcoming posts.  

P.S.  Some of these photos were taken in the shops in Reykjavik and some are photos of things that I purchased.  They had the most glorious home decor shops!  I got so many great decorating ideas and absolutely fell in love with Tulipop!  I would also recommend checking out Minja.  

Disclaimer: There is an exception to my Internet theory.  While in Reykjavik there was a book called Dolls & Molls with works by Erró.  My assumption that this item could be found online was incorrect and now I am desperately longing for it.  If you know of the whereabouts of this item, please contact me immediately.  Thank you.

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