Wednesday, February 1, 2012

RABBIT HOLE/reiss coat

Obviously the bunny ears are the main focus of this post. But please don't ignore the ever fabulous Reiss coat that I purchased in New York.

I adore this coat. The silhouette is perfection. I have dreams of silhouettes such as these. You know? The kind that you can picture glamorous movie stars wearing back in the 1950s. I just picture someone like Audrey Hepburn wearing this coat. So classic and understated.

Ok, so let's talk ears. The bunny ear hat was a Christmas gift from Jerrmaner. Doesn't he have great taste?! It takes a very special dude to pick out something like this. I am always open to trying new headgear of any kind and so tackling a little bit of ear doesn't frighten me one bit.

Lately, I've seen men wearing wigs as a winter hat. One dude was wearing an afro and the other was wearing a Goldilocks hairstyle. Is this just in Denver or is this trend catching on? I do enjoy seeing people take risks with their look, so whether it be a wig or rabbit ears, I support it all the way.


reiss navy coat

asos faux fur bunny ear hat

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