Saturday, February 4, 2012

CRIMSON PAST/wwii nurse cape

Super excited to have found this cape. I remember wanting one of these after seeing the movie Atonement. Not my most favorite movie ever, but it definitely had some great style moments. Yes, the green dress and yes, a cameo from a cape similar to this one looking lovely in the snow. If you can't remember these scenes, google them immediately.

As you can imagine, it was like a dream come true when I found this cape at a new vintage shop in town called Gutterpup.

The shoes were another small sensation. I didn't seem to notice them on the shelves at Nordstrom, so I have to say 'thanks' to my amazing shoe guy (and bud), Mr. Walkingstick, who pointed these shoes out to me. Once I tried them on, I was sold. They are absolutely exquisite....the heel, the color, the absolute never-ending beauty of Yves Saint Laurent.


vintage camisole

wwii nurse cape

forever 21 pants

yves saint laurent heels

gucci sunglasses

l.a.m.b. clutch

faberge egg charm from russia

drop letter necklace (gift from my aunt)

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