Thursday, February 9, 2012

MOON STALKER/isabel toledo for payless lunar moon boot

A more casual look for a trip to the mall on Super Bowl Sunday. We wanted to go to the mall because we thought it would quiet since the game was on. Not the was a fiasco! And so, I have decided that we can only go to the mall on Saturday nights. Don't you people watch football?!

Anyways...let's discuss the ensemble. I know you have seen these pants before (they are some of my favorites), but everything else is making its first appearance here on Dollhouse Vacancy. Can we give a round of applause for the moon boots? Yes!! Little moon booties for your viewing you didn't see that coming! I love these shoes. They are again, from Payless (I'm blushing a bit while saying that). This time they are Isabel Toledo. I've always wanted a moon boot...not really, so scratch that. I should say that I've never wanted a moon boot until I saw that they came in the form of a bootie and well...until I saw these. They are adorable and yet, a bit ridiculous. I thought they would add the perfect bit of funkiness to this casual ensemble.

The vest is another favorite. This vest adds instant chic to just about anything. Rather than "just add water," think "just add vest" for instant sophisticated cool. And it does...every single time.


sinister collection fur vest

t by alexander wang tee shirt dress (worn as a shirt)

t by alexander wang boxer sweatpants

isabel toledo for payless lunar moon boot

vintage ann taylor purse

nordstrom floppy hat

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