Friday, February 17, 2012

TREASURES/gucci belt bag

This is a very special post because I am wearing a blouse that belonged to my aunt and she wore it on her wedding day with a white suit. My grandma made this blouse (among many other great things). The finishing on all the pieces that she ever made was immaculate. My grandma was such a great fashion icon...always glammed out to the fullest. She is a fashion icon that I will always remember and I am lucky to have many pieces of hers today.

The brooch is a recent find. We recently visited an antique store in town called Old Glory. I found this brooch made out of pieces of vintage, love, love this piece! The back of this brooch is made out of an old hoop earring, but some of the others had backs made out of vintage buttons...absolutely ingenious!

This Gucci belt bag I bought long ago, but I can never let it go. We have had many good times together...nothing like a Gucci belt bag to escort you for a night on the town ( we've had many). When I was in Italy, I saw tons of these bags on the street, but not everyone was wearing them as a belt...they were wearing them more as crossbody bag. Definitely something I need to try.

The hair was inspired by Rodarte S/S 2011. Sorry it's not perfect (it's a loose interpretation), but I'm not really good with hair...especially mine. I had the feel in mind though...hope you can see a glimmer of it too.


vintage winter cape

vintage blouse

brooch made from vintage jewelry

vintage bracelets

paper denim and cloth jeans

gucci belt bag

yves saint laurent shoes

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