Friday, May 18, 2012

ALL THAT GLITTERS/prada chandelier shoes

Yes, these are some of my favorite little gems.  When I first saw these walk down the runway, it was like a dream come true and I knew I had to have them.  I had the same feelings towards the Prada car shoes....haven't purchased them yet, but definitely on the verge of transacting.  I start to feel bad as I kick off a new season because my shoe-to-clothing ration is like 10:1.  I keep ordering shoe after shoe after shoe and then realize that I only have a couple of new dresses to wear them with.  I always say that shoes are more fun for a girl to buy because they are one of the more forgiving fashion items that you can buy.  Let's be honest...jeans can make you feel like the ugliest bird in the flock and a dress can make you feel like skipping dinner for a week, but shoes?  No, they are friendly, inviting and much like their companion, the handbag, they quickly entice you into a magical world.  Prada shoes are on the next level..they are so amazing that they take you to a whole other galaxy.

prada chandelier shoes