Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SEEING DOUBLE/remix line tee

Digital Vacancy and I took these photos before heading to a birthday party.  I have to say that these Marc Jacobs boots have become my new favorite companion.  They go with just about anything and on this particular evening, the fact that they are water repellent came in very handy. 

Did you notice that I am wearing my hair up?  Yeah, I think this is my new S/S 2012 hairdo...something perfectly easy for my current hair length.  Just tease, spray and pin...doesn't get much easier than that.  I have been boycotting hairspray for the past 10 years, so buying a bottle to create this look was kind of a surreal experience.    

On another note, Digital Vacancy is talking about fantasy worlds.  I rarely leave my fantasy world.  I think that I am always mentally tucked into my little magical world...doesn't matter if I am wearing Marc Jacobs or Alexander Wang.  I create the fantasy and my shoes just make a cameo.  

remix line tee

sinister collection skirt

vintage clutch

h&m jacket

marc jacobs plastic metallic cowboy boots

marc by marc jacobs snake bracelet

marc by marc jacobs latin bracelet