Friday, January 4, 2013

BY REQUEST/diy jil sander veiled beanie

Many people have asked me to post more pictures of my DIY Jil Sander veiled beanie.  The last picture I posted really showed only the I bring you this post which shows the top of this DIY gem.  I love this hat so much.  I feel like it goes with everything; dress it up or dress it down, this beauty will never fail you.  It's almost kind of like one of those friends that you can always count on. 

I'm wearing my hat with my Marc Jacobs for Neiman Marcus for Target clutch...phew!  It just says Marc Jacobs on the front, so let's just keep it at that. 

P.S.  The last time I checked, this Marc Jacobs clutch was 70% off at Target.   

P.S.S. Feel free to email me if you have any issues making your very own Jil Sander veiled beanie.   

h&m beanie

marc jacobs + nm + target metallic zip clutch bag

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