Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DIVINE DUVET/margiela for h&m duvet coat

Well...here it is...my duvet coat from H&M.  This was not a "love at first sight" scenario, but after a few weeks of knowing that this item was living at the Cherry Creek mall getting no attention, I knew I had to go and make it my own.  Do I regret it?  Not at all.  Because it took a while for me to become fond of it, I believe that this is more than just a fleeting romance.  

I am wearing my coat with the cover on.  And yes, just like a regular duvet,  it was a two man job putting the cover on this coat.  Jerrmaner and I had to team up in a wide open space to make this happen, but the result is quite exquisite...in fact, I had not yet seen this coat photographed with the cover on.   

margiela for h&m duvet coat (worn with cover)

h&m leggings

vintage fur muff/clutch

gucci sunnies

margiela for h&m plexi lucite wedge dark brown knee boots

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