Friday, January 18, 2013

CALCULATED CLUTTER/my house by night

Well, here it of my house at night.  I like fake lighting, disturbing art and quirky critters.  I consider myself to be a "collector" but Jerrmaner often refers to me as a "hoarder."  He just doesn't understand me.  He thinks that everyone has to have the same minimalist, masculine and modern style that he has.  I prefer to cover my surroundings with things that I love....lots of things that always put a smile on my face. 

Jerrmaner also makes fun of me because I never buy furniture.  Most of my furniture is from my childhood and the rest of it was just donated to me by my family.  I am not the most domestic person in the world, but I do make the most of what I have.  And I love all of the cool stuff/art that I have purchased to go in it.  

P.S. I use my refrigerator as my mood board.  It is covered from top to bottom with all that inspires me; fashion shots, family photos and lots of art. 


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