Monday, January 28, 2013

MAGICAL UNICORN/h&m unicorn top

I became obsessed with the idea of adding more unicorns to my life a few weeks ago after seeing a salt at Hazel & Dewey called Magic Unicorn Sea Salt.  I did not purchase this salt, but I often like to dream of it.  I like to believe that the grains of salt are colors of the rainbow and that everywhere it is sprinkled, magic is spread.  

In the midst of daydreaming, I have acquired some unicorns of my own.  The first purchase being this top.  What could be more magically divine than leaping horses and unicorns in an array of colors?!  I was quickly enchanted by this top.  Plus...that little pink cutie in front had me at "hello."

h&m unicorn top

h&m tie-dye denim

hanes tank

margiela for h&m flat jacket

fit over sunglasses borrowed from my mom

marc jacobs + nm + target metallic zip clutch bag

zara high-heel cowboy ankle boot

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