Sunday, February 3, 2013


Wearing my new favorite jacket from Dallas (which was actually found at a thrift store).  I'm so in love with this sequined beauty. 

Also wearing a Fruit of the Loom tee.  I bought a pack of these men's tees recently and find that they go with absolutely everything!  Plus, they are super cozy.  

The poodle necklace is something very special because he came from my sister.  Every birthday and Christmas, I receive a gift from my sister which she refers to as a "bag of cool shit."  The bags are filled with amazing vintage treasures; things that my sister has found on her vintage shopping adventures.  I have received amazing jewelry, lucite seahorses, a mountable deer head and so on.  This poodle was a gift for this past Christmas.  He is the perfect gift for me because I am an absolute sucker for anything that has to do with poodles.  

vintage poodle necklace

bullet necklace

fruit of the loom v-neck men's tee

j brand denim

thrifted sequined jacket

sunglasses from dolly python in dallas

trash bagz clutch


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