Friday, February 15, 2013

TITLE UNKNOWN/alexander wang agnete heels

When will I ever give up the mini?  This is something that probably many are wondering and sometimes I even wonder myself.  But I can safely say that it will be no time in the near future.

Wearing a mini skirt that I bought so many years ago...yep, I was digging in the archives for this post.  Even the sweater is pretty old, but I have to say that it is still one of my favorites that I own.  It has a side leather zip that still makes my heart melt to this day.

Notice the new muff.  How on earth could I pass on this cutie?!  It has a little face on it!  This muff has taken my muff expectations to a whole new level!  I mean...shouldn't all muffs have little faces?!  I found this cutie at the antique mall.  It is actually for a child, but I have fairly small hands so there was really no excuse not to buy it. 


arden b mini (super old purchase)

vintage fur muff

h&m motorcycle jacket

lafayette 148 sweater

alexander wang agnete heels

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