Monday, June 3, 2013

BEHIND THE WHEEL/clover canyon wheels tee

It's been pretty hard to convince myself to take off my new Clover Canyon tee.  I've worn it about 3 times already and I only bought it last week!  Why on earth did I only get one piece?!  These prints are just too good!  And a collection of these Clover Canyon pieces would be you could layer print on print on print!  Yeah, that's right...can you see it???  I can.  

Jerrmaner and I are taking a little trip to LA this weekend for the Urs Fischer exhibit at the MOCA...I'm pretty sure you can guess what I will be packing. 

Check out Jerrmaner's look: SEE/homme

f21 pants

h&m denim shirt

d&g sunglasses

cast of vices thank you leather bag


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  1. Enjoy these, thank you. I am fond of mens leather jackets because I liked the way it looked. It fits beautifully, looks very nice, and is very supple and comfortable to wear, makes me look more stylish.