Sunday, June 30, 2013

SMOTHERED IN SEQUINS/asos revive leather harness belt

It's about time I wear this harness belt.  Jerrmaner bought it for me for Christmas and I could never figure out how I wanted to style it.  I'm thinking that he is not too pleased with how I ended up styling it...he HATES sequins.  As soon as he saw me for this shoot, he requested that I take off the sequin blazer...and as the day went on, he decided to blame his bad mood on the sequins.  Ummm...I don't think that sequins or glitter have that much power over a human being...but that's just my opinion.  

Please refer to previous post here, where Jerrmaner seemed to have a serious issue with glitter. 

Check out his ensemble here:  SEE/homme

asos revive leather harness belt

vintage sequin blazer

thrifted clutch

alexander wang cummerbund silk crepe pants

zara leather court shoe

james perse tee

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