Sunday, January 22, 2012

LA LA LAND/vanessa bruno boots

Well, I would like to apologize in advance for my mind is not really with the blog tonight as I write this post. I find myself dreaming of something non-fashion related for a change. After watching the movie, One Good Year, I find that my fantasies consist of vineyards, chateaus and Provence. Yes, I am dreaming that I too inherit a chateau and vineyard in the heart of Provence. I know that no one is reading this blog to listen to my many dreams and want to talk fashion and normally, so do I. But today I find myself so immersed in this fantasy that I have even convinced myself that my teacup poodle would like to return to his roots and live in the land of his ancestors. Since I cannot remove France from my mind, I will relate France to this post...

I am wearing my new boots by Vanessa Bruno. She is a Parisian clothing designer and as of lately, her designs are making me swoon. The clothing of Vanessa Bruno makes it easy to accomplish that effortlessly chic look for which we all long. These boots were a Christmas gift from my parents. I asked for them because I needed a great go-to boot that would never fail me. I already had a staple boot that I purchased in Italy a few years back, but their days are numbered and well, they've seen better days. I didn't want to replace the boots because they still hold a very special place in my heart. I just wanted another staple boot that could act as sort of an understudy for my Italian die-hards. These Vanessa Brunos seemed to be the perfect choice. They, like my Italian boots, have the ability to add instant chic to just about any ensemble. Pair them with jeans, a dress or yes...latex leggings and a military bomber and you have something special.


vintage top

military bomber jacket

kova & t latex leggings

vintage fox fur stole

vintage bracelets

marc by marc jacobs wishbone necklace

vintage medallion necklace

bullet necklace purchased on streets of new york (a cool gift from my sister)

vanessa bruno boots

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