Sunday, January 15, 2012

LET THEM EAT CAKE/miu miu glitter booties

Ok, another post, another ensemble...and this ensemble is what happens when I have absolutely no restrictions. I end of up looking like a dessert pastry on a Spring day...yep! I love this look. The skirt is a dream come true with the light pink color and loads of volume. Yes! That's right, volume! The kind that makes a girl like me jump for joy! I purchased this at American Apparel. It is reversible, so you can opt for a little less volume by wearing the other side. I do, however, recommend the double ruffle side that I have chosen...double the ruffle, double the fun. I personally feel like a batch of freshly whipped cream puff filling in this petticoat...and that, my friends, is not a bad feeling.

Ok let's discuss the shoes...I know you've seen them before on my blog, but aren't they glorious enough to post multiple times?! I mean...look at them! Miu Miu shoes have a tendency to give me goosebumps and shoot chills up my spine...these are no exception. I dreamt of these for a long time before I made the purchase. I kind of enjoy the stalking of runway shoes as much as I enjoy the actual purchase. Weird?

I, unlike Jerrmaner, crave glitter. Jerrmaner has the opposite opinion. At one point he told me, "glitter violates me." It's amazing we get along at all.

The jacket is one I picked up from H&M and of course, the Fashion Night Out 2010 tank. The bag was a purchase from a Trash Bagz trunk show. They are a local company that takes homeless bags and makes them desirable again. I like this one because it still retains its vintage feel.

That pretty much concludes this outfit. I hope you look forward to many more to come.

american apparel petticoat

fashion night out 2010 tank

h&m jacket

trash bagz clutch

miu miu glitter booties

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