Thursday, January 19, 2012

PAJAMA JAMMY JAM/sleepwear as street wear

Well the time has come for me to tackle the sleepwear as street wear trend. I knew that in order to conquer such a trend and not end up looking like a flustered morning mishap; I would have to be well-heeled and fully accessorized. I called upon footwear royalty to assist and wore the spectacular Dior Blue Angel sandals. I absolutely adore these shoes. They are like little slices of heaven adorning my feet.

While my love for these shoes is strong, I find that I seldom wear them. I think that I just worry for their safety. It would be quite traumatic if something ever happened to these glorious beauties.

I also opted for loads of arm and finger glitz. There is really no styling dilemma that little bit of glitz can't quickly amend...I won't say that it will solve all your fashion woes, but it can drastically improve the conditions.

The bracelets are primarily vintage and the rings were made by my mom out of old earrings. Note the first bracelet from the top on my right arm. This bracelet was made by INRETROspect, which is a local company that makes bracelets out of vintage clip-on earrings. I will tell you in advance that it is easy for a girl to become addicted to these bracelets...once one bracelet is purchased, many more will be desired.

The little alligator dude is a purchase from So Good...I am a sucker for jeweled critters of any kind.

P.S. Notice the messy hair à la Balenciaga. It wasn't planned but since the Spring ad campaigns are out, I might as well take advantage of the look.

cabernet pajamas

dior blue angel sandals

salvatore ferragamo handbag

inretrospect bracelet

so good alligator cuff

all other bracelets are vintage

rings made by my mom

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